About us


Our vision is to have constant growth with quality.


  • Offering the better solution to our business partner
  • Motivating and supporting our people
  • Increasing productivity and cost efficiency
  • Creating new business opportunities
  • Adhering good corporate governance

Core Value


We are MINDFUL of the needs of our customers and partner, also fully pay attention in every process step-by-step to ensure that all shipments are delivered safely in timely manner.


We always encourage our people to INITIATE new ideas to find the best logistics solution for our customers and partners.


Being GENEROUS allows us to provide more and more outstanding services to our customers and partners without any unnecessary complication.


We always listen and understand what our customers and partners truly need with the HUMBLE mind and ready to adapt ourselves to all kind of requirements.

Trustworthy & Transparent

Our customers and partners can be assured that you will receive TRUSTWORTHY services with TRANSPARENT process.

Fact Sheet

  • 100% Thai Shareholders
  • Cooperate office in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Own distribution warehouse 5,000 SQM (1 KM distance from BKK port)
  • Cover almost every main port in the world
  • Offer multiple weekly sailings on all our major trades
  • Cooperated under the umbrella of SEALITE GROUP
  • More than 88,000 CBM shipped by LCL Consolidation (2015)
  • Affiliate with CZ airline, KMTC Line, SITC Line, Shanghai Jinjiang Line, Sarjak Container Line
  • Customize our software application to meet requirements of our business partners
  • Create new business opportunities with Thai-Chinese and South East Asia Business Trade Association and DITP (Business Matching)


Implement ISO 9001:2008 to improve our operation services to meet customer requirements and expectations